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Structure, 21, DiMaio, F. Improved low-resolution crystallographic refinement with Phenix and Rosetta. Nature methods 10, Edayathumangalam, R. Crystal structure of Bacillus subtilis GabR, an autorepressor and transcriptional activator of gabT. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,, In Advancing Methods for Biomolecular Crystallography, pp. Uervirojnangkoorn, M. Improving experimental phases for strong reflections prior to density modification. Model morphing and sequence assignment after molecular replacement. Hung, L. Crystal structure of AcrB complexed with linezolid at 3.

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Structure of Rv UreA , the Mycobacterium tuberculosis urease gamma subunit.

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Murillo, A. High throughput crystallography of TB drug targets. Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets; 7, Kim, S. D, Strong, M.

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As can be seen from Additional file 1 : Table S7, the highest calculated bond order is for the bond C3—C4 1. The bond order between C1—C2 is 1. The bond order C6—N5 is 1.

The experimental Infrared and Raman spectra in solid phase were shown in Figs. The expected three C—H symmetric stretching vibrations correspond to mode nos. In the case of 2A3MP three modes are associated mainly with the C—H in-plane-bending vibrations: mode nos. The C—H out-of-plane bending vibrations correspond mainly to the mode nos. There are six internal modes of vibrations in the NH 2 group.

These are the symmetric stretching, the anti-symmetric stretching, the scissoring, the rocking, the wagging and torsional mode. The NH 2 group has two N—H stretching vibrations, one being asymmetric and another symmetric. The computed —NH 2 scissoring vibration mode no. Nine modes of vibration Sundaraganesan and Doinic are assigned to each CH 3 group; the symmetrical and asymmetrical stretching, in plane stretching modes, deformation modes symmetrical and asymmetrical , in-plane and out-of-plane rocking, and twisting modes.

It is found that there is a good agreement between this experimental value and the calculated value mode no. The C—CH 3 in-plane bending vibration mode no. These assignments are in good agreement with the literature Hameka and Jensen The identification of C—N vibrations is very difficult because of the interference of many bands in the area where the vibration of this bond happens. These values are consistent with the theoretically calculated values mode No. The most stable tautomer is the canonical structure, 2A4MP1.

Activation energy of the hydrogen proton transfer and pyramidal inversion at amino N is calculated as Bond order and natural atomic charges were also calculated. The complete vibrational assignments of wavenumbers were made on the basis of potential energy distribution and using Gauss View software. The difference between the observed and scaled wave number values of the most of the fundamentals is very small. The instrument is equipped with Nd:YAG laser source operating at 1.

All electronic structure calculations were performed using the Gaussian03 suite of programs Pittsburgh For each stationary point, we carried out vibrational frequency calculation at the same level to characterize their nature as minima or transition states and to correct energies for zero-point energy and thermal contribution. The transition states for tautomerization have been located using the eigenvalue-following EF optimization procedure as implemented in the Gaussian programs. The nature of the transition states was confirmed by the presence of one negative eigenvalue in the Hessian matrix.

In this study two different scaling factors Sundaraganesan et al. Partial charge distributions were calculated using the natural population analysis NPA method. Akai N, Ohno K, Aida M Photochemistry of p-toluidine in a low-temperature argon matrix: infrared spectrum and geometrical structure of 4-methylaniino radical. Chem Phys Lett — Alkorta I, Elguero J Influence of intermolecular hydrogen bonds on the tautomerism of pyridine derivatives. J Org Chem 67 5 — J Mol Struct Theochem — J Mol Struct — Arivazhagan M, Krishnakumar V Vibrational and normal coordinate analysis of thymine hydrochloride.

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Indian J Pure Appl Phys — Cluster approach to corrosion inhibition problems: interaction studies. Mater Chem Phys — Appl Surf Sci — J Chem Phys Davoodnia A, Attar P, Morsali A, Eshghi H, Hoseini NT, Khadem S Experimental and theoretical studies on the tautomerism in 2-aminopyridines and 2 1H -pyridinones: synthesis of 2-aminoarylcyano 3,4-dimethoxyphenyl pyridines and 4-Arylcyano 3,4-dimethoxyphenyl -2 1H -pyridinones.

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Supercritical Fluid Technology Thomas J.

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Philip E. Advanced Calculations for Defects in Materials. Audrius Alkauskas. Computational Photochemistry. Massimo Olivucci. Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry I. Jerzy Leszczynski. Graham A. Ruben Horacio Contreras. Molecular Conformation and Organic Photochemistry. Rasmus Y.

Science of Crystal Structures.