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Juliet Blackwell's characters are always such great fun and beautifully delivered by narrator, Xe Sands. I highly recommend this series for just plain old fun and relaxation. Fun and exciting. I actually heard myself laughing out loud often. As usual, Juliet Blackwell, aka, Hailey Lind, does not disappoint. The narration was amazing. Thank you to XE Sands. Can't wait to get into the next book of the series.

Get a free audiobook. Written by: Juliet Blackwell , Hailey Lind. Narrated by: Xe Sands. Length: 8 hrs and 57 mins. What the critics say "The art world is murder in this witty and entertaining mystery! What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No reviews are available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Sandra Dunn Anonymous User What a great lil find This is one was just a fun read. Dawn Really enjoyed this audiobook I really enjoyed this audiobook. Gina Wilms QuickLaugh I love the author and her style of writing and humor.

Tagsgiving Sweepstakes 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Chris Picture perfect book and narrator!!!! Lol I love everything about this book - shark snappy writing - great characters - non-stop plot and mystery and the best narrator - EVER!!! Effortless - funny - fantastic 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Traveler The start of another good mystery series I purchased this book because I have read and enjoyed other Juliet Blackwell cozy mystery series. Cindy Bowles An Artist Tale Everything about this I loved Diane M.

Audible candy for the soul. Debbie Lacey If the following passage [which occurs during a pivotal chase scene] isn't sufficient to convince you that you should read this book immediately, well then I honestly don't know what else to say to you: "They've hijacked the donut mobile and they're coming after us! I stomped on the gas, taken aback at being pursued by a giant doughnut. Sure, I thought, the bad guys got a O - M - G!!

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Sure, I thought, the bad guys got a van full of Kreamy Do-Nuts, while I was stuck with a penitent Catholic, a speechless giant, and a petty criminal who didn't even know where the nearest police station was. The main characters are smart and funny and irreverent, and continually find themselves in utterly ludicrous situations that are one big pain-in-the-you-know-what for them, but are sparklingly fun for the reader! One other passage that made me giggle was this, which happens after the main character's mother [who's involved in the craziness going on in ways you will have to read the book to discover] - during a police raid that is reminiscent of the Keystone Kops - invites one of the involved people back to the family home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Our main character - Annie - is trying to warn him what he'll be in for if he accepts: "You don't know what you're getting yourself into, Frank, I muttered. You really don't. This isn't some walk in the park with gun-toting drug dealers and homicidal sculptors, you know. There are an ex-fiance and Julio Iglesias albums involved. Mar 22, Patty rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , a-varied-palette.

Again, really a 2. Now I have narrowed down my issues with this series. When faced with a myriad of crucial decisions, she makes the wrong one- every single time. Why make someone who is supposed to be smart so stupid? It is annoying. How can we be expected to believe that she is attractive to two sexy men, when all she talks about is how awful she looks?

Aside from paint-spattered denim overalls and "frizzy" hair, we get no Again, really a 2. Aside from paint-spattered denim overalls and "frizzy" hair, we get no objective description of her appearance. I am not letting the first person narrator distract me from my annoyance over this one. Why are you still reading the series, you might ask. Legitimate question. I guess I am just not annoyed enough to stop!

May 13, Diane Vallere rated it it was amazing Shelves: amateur-sleuth , humorous-mystery , mysteries , mystery. I love this series. Pure fun! Sep 01, Diane rated it really liked it. Annie Kincaid is the owner of a successful faux finishing business. You see her grandfather is the most want art forger in the world. He is always involved in art theft schemes and Annie has an inner voice that tries to push her into the exciting world of her grandfather.

Somehow Annie frequently finds herself in the right place at the wrong time. Close on the heels of this discovery there is a major commotion at the neighboring art museum where a theft has occurred. She tells Annie not to worry about it and just stay out of it. Of course, this is a red flag to Annie and now she is determined to find out what is going on. The mystery just seems to get more complicated - Who killed the sculptor?

Annie jumps right in and gets in the middle of things. This is an enjoyable tale with a wonderful main character. Annie is charming, goodhearted with a wry sense of humor she uses in tight situations and even turns on herself at times. She works persistently through all the clues and false clues to find answers but there are some definite surprises at the end. Apr 17, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: serial-cozy , serial-mystery.

When she discovered a modern-looking sculpture, she couldn't believe it was the dead body of the artist. That's when a Chagall painting went missing as Annie's friend Bryan was accused of the crime. At the same time Annie's mother showed up acted strange, she needed the assistance of Michael, a sexy art thief to track down the painting and the kille In the 2nd installment of Hailey Lind's Art Lovers cozy mystery series, Shooting Gallery, Annie Kincaid returned to solve another art theft mystery.

At the same time Annie's mother showed up acted strange, she needed the assistance of Michael, a sexy art thief to track down the painting and the killer. She needed to solve these mysteries fast, since life can be real short.

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Jan 21, Annie rated it really liked it. I don't usually read mysteries but this series of three books featuring Annie Kincaid, granddaughter of a famous French art forger is really fun. They're quick reads for those times when you just want to have some fun. Nov 22, Kitty rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-mystery.

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Better than the first! More humor, good character development. Great series! Oct 15, Shirley rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery. Another great one in this series--will next be reading the final one so far. Jun 29, Imjussayin rated it liked it Shelves: series , woman-protagonist , humorous , mystery-cosy. In A Nutshell : First Annie spots a dead body in a tree at the opening of a prestigious new gallery, then Brian, Annie's friend from book one is accused of stealing a Chagall painting.

Then Annie's mother turns up at her home unannounced and acting weird. So, Annie has her hands full plus two romantic attractions to juggle.

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Another page-turning humorous cosy mystery starring Ms. Annie Kinkade. The Plot : Annie has to track down the Brock Gallery's missing Chagall and work out if her mother's marriage is alright. After a spell in a European jail, Annie has returned to America setting herself up as a respectable faux finisher in San Francisco. Inbetween fired by the Brock.

There is something naive and yet appealing about Annie. She embodies joie de vivre although she is too trusting, a tad frustrating but feisty and comedic. Annie is out to solve another art mystery that leaves her hanging. I did find myself laughing out loud and I kinda like Annie's mother. She's got more spunk than her daughter and is a great character.

There are fewer supporting cast but more depth and richness to the ones we meet. I had fun with this book and am off to read book three. A prominent example of the genre.

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Jan 14, Holly Doyal rated it liked it. I almost reached the end of this book and I finally said to myself - "why am I reading this? So that probably sums it up for me. This is book 2 in the "Art Lover's Mystery" series. I didn't really care for book 1, so why did I think I would like book 2? Well, I checked them both out from the library at the same time and book 2 had better reviews, so I thought I would give it a try. Nope, still not good. This poor girl was surrounded by a murder in book 1 and by golly, I almost reached the end of this book and I finally said to myself - "why am I reading this?

This poor girl was surrounded by a murder in book 1 and by golly, it happened again in book 2. But she is really just so bad at making good decisions that it makes it hard to like her. The characters are shallow and I just found this book sub-par at best. I do not recommend. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Yes I liked this. I kind of felt like Annie should confront and defeat the villain herself instead of letting Deus ex Machina do it for her. But Deus Ex Machina has worked for me in the past so why not. I loved the bit with Bryan and the gang doing the score from My Fair Lady. The car chase made me smile and think of Stephanie Plum. The characters are likeable. I don't really like either of the guys that are the main love interests. She is such a whirlwind of fun and talent and they kind of dra Yes I liked this. She is such a whirlwind of fun and talent and they kind of drag the scenes down.

I want her to paint something brilliant. Jan 05, Mimi rated it it was ok. It was a fine "airport" kind of read but it reminded me way too much of Kate Carlise Bibliophile mysteries. Both in San Fran. Both live in lofts, both have interesting wealthy guys in their lives, both have really oddball family members Then a perfectly fine choice to while away the hours. May 15, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: summer , mystery. This book is unexpectedly amazing. Annie is hilarious and resourceful and smart.

The cast is amazing. I love the forgery backstory.

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The plot twists and turns and is filled with action. There is a car chase with a donut truck!!! The heroine has multiple romantic interests and it is great. I will be reading the whole series thank you so much. Feb 28, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. I did not think I would like this series because I knew nothing about the field of art but the laughs drew me in. I had to keep stopping throughout the ending, which is somewhat slapstick, because I was laughing so hard.

Jun 22, G rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery. This is NOT a cozy mystery. This would have been a fun mystery had there not been filthy language. I quit half way. Offensive and unnecessary in telling a good story. Sep 15, Colored Ink rated it liked it. Good writing, good characters, and the action kept the story moving, non-stop. But the plot was so convoluted and the denouement so confusing that I gave up trying to figure out what was going on or even who was who.

Jul 04, Sue Brown rated it really liked it. Laughed so hard. Love the art knowledge that goes into this series.

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Jul 16, Jen Shapiro rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-mysteries , read I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in this series. I am just sad that Scribd doesn't have the third and fourth books on audio! Aug 19, Fee added it. Maybe later? Apr 18, Cristi DiGenova rated it really liked it. Even sillier than the first one, pretty complicated plot, but I was on board. Love this series. Excellent book. Aug 06, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: mystery.